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The mentioned below Privacy Policy is applicable between you as the user of the services and RSB the service owners and providers. This policy also governs our use of the information that we collect from you as you access the services, systems, or website of RSB.
The terms and definitions
“Content” refers to any graphic, text, image, audio, video, software, data compilation, or any other information form that has the capacity to be saved in the computer and appear on the website.
‘Cookie’ refers to Any piece of content usually a small file that is kept on your computer the time you visit any part of the RSB website. This allows the service providers to identify frequent visitors and to analyze their browsing trends within the Web Site.
"Account" refers to the collected personal information, Payment Information, and credentials used by Users to access Material and/or any communications System on the Web Site;
"Data" refers to all information that you submit to this Site. This includes Account details and information submitted using any of our Services or resources.
"RSB" stands for Rashid Sweets and Bakers, Saudi Arabia.
"Service" refers to any of the online services, tools, facilities, or data that RSB offers through the Web Site either currently or in the future.
"System" refers to the virtual communications that RSB offers through the Web Site either currently or in the future. This includes, but is not restricted to, emails, message boards, live chat services, and email links.
"User" / "Users" refers to the third party that gets access to the Web Site and is not hired by RSB and acting in the course of their employment; and
"Web Site" means the website that you are utilizing the services of (www.rashidsweets.com) and any sub-domains of this site unless exempted by their own terms and conditions.

2. Data collection
Without any restriction, the website may collect the following Data:
1. Your Name
2. Your Date of Birth
3. Your Gender
4. Your Job Title
5. Profession of the user
6. Personal Contact information such as email addresses and mobile numbers
7. Demographic data such as postal address, preferences, and inclinations
8. Financial account information such as credit/debit card numbers for transactions
9. IP address which automatically collected
10. Type and version of a Web browser, this too falls into an automatic collection
11. Operating systems are also automatically collected
12. The chain of URLs including the referring site, user’s activity on this site, and the site you exit to is also collected automatically
13. And Information on cookies
3. Use of data
1. Any private information you submit would be possessed by RSB for till you utilize the Services and Systems provided on the Web Site. Data that you may submit through any communications System that we may provide may be possessed for a longer period of years.
2. Your Data will not be disclosed to third parties. These third parties do not include our affiliates and/or other companies that are associated with us.
3. All private data is stored safely according to the rules of the Data Protection Act 1998.
4. Some or all of the above-mentioned data might be required by us occasionally to provide you with the most suitable service and experience when accessing our site. Data might be used by us for the following purposes:
A. Keeping the internal records
B. Refining our products/services
C. Transmission of promotional materials that may be of interest to you via emails
D. To look for market research objectives which can be done using email, fax, or telephone. Such data may be utilized to personalize or update the Site.
4. Third-party services
RSB may, occasionally, avail to the services of third parties to deal with matters that might include, payment management, delivery of purchased products, search engine services, advertising, and marketing facilities. The providers of such facilities do have access to certain private data provided by the users of this site and its services. Any information used by such third parties is used only to the extent needed by them to deliver the services that RSB requests. Its use for any other purpose is strictly forbidden. Moreover, any information which is governed by third parties must be governed within the requirements of this Privacy Policy and according to the Data Protection Act of 1998.
5. Changes of Business Ownership and Control:
1. RSB may, occasionally, expand or bring down its business and this may include the sale of certain divisions or the transfer of authority of particular divisions to other parties. Data given to us by Users’ own will, where it is relevant to that specific division, be transferred including that division and the new controlling party will, in accordance with the terms of this Policy, be allowed to use the Data for the purposes for which it was supplied by you.
2. If any Data submitted by Users will be transferred in such a manner, you will not be contacted in advance and informed of the changes. When reached, you will be given free will to have your Data deleted or kept by the new controller.
6. Controlling Access to your Data:
Wherever you are supposed to submit the data, you will be presented with options to restrict our use of that information. This may involve the followings:
a: Use of Data for direct marketing purposes
b: Sharing Data with third parties.
7. Your Right to Withhold Information:
1. You may access some areas of the Web Site without giving any of your private data at all. However, to utilize all Services and Systems available on our site, you might be required to submit Account information or other information.
2. You may limit the use of cookies by your internet browser.
8. Access to your data
1. You may get access to your Account at any moment to have a look at or amend your Data. You may be required to update your Data if your situation changes. Additional information as per your marketing preferences may also be kept by RSB and you may alter this at any time.
2. You have the right to ask for a transcript of your private information on payment of a small fee.
9. Security:
Data security is crucial to RSB and to keep your data secure, we have put in place the best possible physical and electronic procedures to protect and safeguard your Data collected online.
10. Cookies:
1. RSB is capable of setting and accessing the Cookies on your PC. Cookies that may be set on your computer are explained in Schedule 1 to this given Policy.
2. A Cookie can be referred to as a small file that resides on the hard drive of your PC and it often has a unique identifier and is approachable only by the site that placed it there, not by any other site.
3. You may discard Cookies; however, you may drop any information that enables you to visit the Web Site faster.
4. You can choose to turn the cookies on and off in your web browser by selecting enable or disable. By default, your browser will accept Cookies, however, this can be altered. You can also check the help menu in your browser in case of any confusion. However, if you disable the cookies, it may hinder you from accessing the full services of this site.
11. Use of cookies:
It is not compulsory for you to accept cookies and you can also modify your browser in a way that it will not accept any cookies. The browser you utilize to surf the web not only allows you to have a look at the cookies that you get from websites but also enables you to manage their use. You can manage them by allowing them, deleting each of them, or deleting all of them at once. You can also manage your browser to not accept any cookies at all. If this option is chosen, you will notice that most of the websites are not functioning properly. It is possible to manage your browser to not accept them and always ask for your permission before each cookie will reside on your device. This provides you with complete control over what is set on your computer, however, it has the disadvantage of slowing down your browsing speed. In such controls, there are various levels. You can prevent just third-party cookies from being deployed, effectively ruling out the behavioral advertising, and some also enable you to block particular companies, the ones you do not wish to deploy a cookie from, instead of choosing all companies. To handle your cookies, you will have to select your browser from the list and follow the instructions.